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ForexRealProfitEA - FRPEA2 available

Postby ForexRealProfitEA » Sun Aug 27, 2017 7:33 pm

Dear Partner,

A new robot was added to our members download page.

The new FRPEA2 robot is available for free for our members with additional live account activation key.

As a reminder, additional live account is available on / Members / Additional Live Accounts page, for a one-time payment of $99 (not a subscription).

FRPEA2 Installation:

- download/save FRPEA2 archive from / Members / Download page
- unzip the FRPEA2 archive
- click on "Open Data Folder" from MT4 File menu, to find the correct location
- close the MetaTrader 4 platform
- copy FRPEA2.ex4 file to Broker \ MQL4 \ Experts
- copy frpea2.dll to Broker \ MQL4 \ Libraries
- start the MetaTrader4 platform
- drag the FRPEA2 on charts (one chart for each currency pair)
- save the robot settings

FRPEA2 recommended settings:

- Use_Friday_Broker_Closing_Hour set to "True"
- Friday_Broker_Closing_Hour set to 20 GMT, broker local time !
For example, if broker GMT offset = +3, Friday_Broker_Closing_Hour should be set to “23”; if broker GMT offset = - 4, Friday_Broker_Closing_Hour should be set to “16”
- MoneyManagement set to "True"
- Risk percent:
- set to 3 for eurusd,
- set to 2.5 for gbpusd.

Activation Key:

- the FRPEA2 activation key is different than FRPEA activation key.
- In order to get an Activation Key, you need to send the following details using the support menu inside the member zone, with a subject line "KEY":
1) Robot version: FRPEA2
2) Click2sell Transaction ID
3) Broker Live or (and) Demo Account Number

Activation Keys for FRPEA2 live accounts are restricted to a single account, can be changed for free and remain valid as long as the membership is active.

Activation Keys for FRPEA2 demo accounts are free and not restricted to a single broker or account and remain valid as long as the membership is active.

If you want to change your FRPEA2 live account just send the old FRPEA2 account number that you want to change and the new FRPEA2 live account number, by using our Support System. You will receive a new activation key for the new FRPEA2 live account and the activation key for the old FRPEA2 live account will be disabled automatically.

Should you have any questions or need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us by using our support system.

Hoping for a long-term future collaboration
Kind Regards,
ForexRealProfitEA Team.
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